Mirror Makeover


mirror beforeafter bigI spotted this mirror at a garage sale and right away I felt inspired. I loved the shape and I wanted to enhance the romantic and whimsical vibe. And I’m obsessed with teal. The color is so energizing to me. So I gave it 3 coats. I used Folk Art acrylic craft paint in Patina. I created the branches out of some air dry modeling compound. I found the recipe at ultimatepapermache.com. It’s lovely material to work with. Very smooth and takes shape and detail well. I carved in some texture with a needle and the end of a small paintbrush. Then I painted all the branches black. Let it dry. Then with a dry brush lightly gave a top coat of grey. I shaped the flowers out of Sculpey modeling compound in Ballerina, baked them according to the directions on the package and glued them on.
I will pair this mirror with some soft sheer white lace curtains and a white glossy enamel dresser or table to amp up the romance.


Published by Angela McArthur

Artist inspired by the elements of nature and the feminine spirit.

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