DIY Brunette to Blonde

I have deep trust issues when it comes to my hair. I really don’t let anyone touch my hair unless I have a deeply intimate relationship with that person. I’ve always wanted to be blonde. But I’ve never trusted anyone enough to let them get that close. Allowing myself to be that vulnerable, putting the fate of my locks and essentially my self esteem in the hands of a stranger makes me feel sick with anxiety. So I knew DIY blonde was my only option. So I did a ton of research. Once I had gathered enough knowledge I went to Sally beauty and got everything I needed to make a total hair transformation. This is my journey. I hope it helps you along your path to brass-free, sexy, shiny blondness.

first blog page

page 2 blog 600

page 3 blog

Published by Angela McArthur

Artist inspired by the elements of nature and the feminine spirit.

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